In 2022, Yandex.Zen will switch to a subscription model and pay 4 billion rubles to bloggers

In 2022, Yandex.Zen will switch to a subscription model and pay 4 billion rubles to bloggers

Yandex.Zen will pay bloggers for working with subscribers and plans to pay 4 billion rubles in 2022. This is almost double what it was in 2021.

Most of this money will be earned by bloggers and media that actively work with their subscribers and attract new ones. Channel authors will receive the first rewards in December. And next year, these payments will become the basis for monetizing content in Zen.

How payments will work in Yandex.Zen
The authors will earn on the interactions of subscribers with content: the better the channel subscribers finish reading articles and watching videos, the more the blogger earns.

Next year, Zen will begin to encourage bloggers who attract a new audience to Zen: authors will receive rewards if new users of the platform subscribe to their channels – those who have not yet had subscriptions to Zen.

The system of rewards for interactions with content will affect the accrual of bonus impressions. Bonuses were previously awarded for the activity of a loyal audience in the channel. Now they will be immediately converted into money. Unused bonus impressions will not disappear – they can be spent on promoting your publications.

Rinat Nizamov, head of Yandex.Zen content:

“This year, we began to actively help bloggers grow the number of their subscribers, and along with this, a permanent and most loyal audience. Now every user sees content from their subscriptions first. A subscription is the strongest signal from a user that he wants to return to the channel and follow the author. The new payout scheme will help our contributors gain long-term motivation to create Zen content and grow their community.”

Zen moves to a subscription model
In Zen, more and more content is consumed by subscription. And there are more and more tools that help users to see their favorite authors in the feed more often, and bloggers to attract new subscribers.

Already now, at the beginning of the feed, users are first of all shown the channels to which they have subscribed. These publications are marked as “Recent from subscriptions”. In addition, special blocks appeared in the feed with a proposal to subscribe to interesting channels.

In the future, subscriptions will play an increasing role in Zen content consumption and will be a source of predictable reach and earnings for content creators.