Customer support: bringing to a deal and assistance

Customer support: bringing to a deal and assistance

You can create customer support and lara diabla for your users. Why is it important:

1. You increase customer loyalty, which reduces the number of further refusals.
2. Having customer support is another reason to choose your product/service.
3. If you have questions or difficulties at the decision-making stage, you can bring the user to the sale.
4. The presence of feedback, whether it be criticism or wishes, is extremely useful for the development of your business. You can be in touch with customers and know exactly what they want.

1. Auto-replies – you can teach the bot to answer pre-prepared phrases instead of you. This helps to close frequently-asked questions without wasting time.

2. Quick replies – set up instant replies to frequently asked questions. You can instantly respond to users with ready-made answers with a single click.

3. Menu – you can create a whole section in the bot with frequently asked questions. Each question has its own button and a detailed answer. In this way, you provide support to customers, without wasting time and resources.

4. Teams – create teams to help your clients. For example, with the /help command, your bot can send a whole set of links and answers that will help users.

5. Chats for employees – you can add a bot to a private chat so that all requests from users are forwarded there. This is done so that your employees, whom you also invite to the chat, can answer customer questions.