A 2020 Invesp study showed that companies that implemented chatbots and tungho7107 saved up to 30% on customer support.

For business. Chatbots have taken over some of the duties of support specialists and successfully collect and process contact information, answer frequent questions, and guide customers through the assortment and site navigation. That is, from a business point of view, chatbots are a useful innovation.

Chatbots will be useful for restaurant accounts — for booking tables, shops — for generating promotional codes or checking the assortment, and for any other commercial pages for automated communication with subscribers.

For users. Users also have a positive experience with chatbots. Firstly, it is curious: to correspond with a smart robot that solves your problem in a short time. Secondly, it is convenient: the chatbot is programmed for a certain algorithm of actions. It promptly processes your requests, redirects you to the right section of the site, collects primary information to connect with the operator, and at the same time will never be rude or offend.

Pizzeria Dodo organizes quality control and service of its restaurants through the VKontakte chat bot. Users leave a request in the “Dodo Mystery Shopper” group, after which the bot contacts them and, after a symbolic initiation ceremony, from time to time throws “delicious” tasks into the chat.