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Founded April 6, 2013, Men Run Deez Streets (MRDS) inspires men to make running a consistent lifestyle. Our founders – Terrance "The Machine" Lyles, Baron "Blade" Rush, Dale "D. Mo" Morrison, and Reginald "Tiger Blood" Williams – took notice of the lack of men (of color) represented in the running community and formed a brotherhood that now totals hundreds of men across our great country.

The name Men Run 'Deez' Streets has significance to the organization’s recruitment effort to include men from all walks of life and professions. Men that represent our urban inner city (Chicago) and various communities across the U.S. and beyond. Our goal is to represent fitness in the community to show men of color striving to become healthier through running. Yes, we literally run these streets! Together our brotherhood shapes and forms our vision to encourage men to run and live a healthy lifestyle, maintain a system of teamwork and comradery, inspire a growing bond of men determined to live abundantly. Although our specific target is to encourage men of color to run, all men are welcome to join our ranks. We embrace and appreciate diversity to the fullest.


Statistics indicate diseases like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and other maladies are prevalent in communities of color. Through running, MRDS believes these illnesses can be addressed and give men a new hope and energy to live a healthy lifestyle. MRDS also believes participation in related cross-train sports will better aid in the fight against these illnesses. We desire that fighting chance, and what better way to obtain it than though weight loss, cardiovascular exercise, diet changes, and a dynamic support system of men on one accord. We are inspired to help any and all that desire to change their lives. It doesn't matter your level of athletic ability or lack thereof. If you desire to change your life, we will work and advocate with you!

MRDS is growing and is always looking for interested men to join our movement. We pride ourselves in making an impact in the community and in men's lives. These are family and community members with a common goal to live a healthier lifestyle through running and fitness. MRDS is dedicated to inspiring men from all parts of the country and beyond to make running a priority.